Top Secret TSSUTIL Enhancement

Idea created by josef.thaler on Jul 24, 2015
    Under review
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    As a Security-Administrator I need easy, clear, handy and efficient reports or reporting-facilites of tss audit data.


    To adress this need I use TSSUTIL, which is easy to execute.


    But my approaches in interpreting the data contain several disadvantages:


    (1) in "regular" TSSUTIL Output the ressource class in column "RESOURCE (TYPE & NAME)" is a single letter, and often a question mark  (meaning "NONPRINTABLE RESOURCE TYPE") which unclear and not unique, for example all DB2 ressourceclasses appear there as "?" and I have to "derive" the RESCLASS from the ressource-name. 


    (2) using TSSUTIL with Option 'LONG' outputs a clear ressource-class and Long ressource-name, but there are usually two lines per event. Wenn I check / analyze / investigate such a report (e.g. by SDSF "SE" Action in the ISPF-Editor) I can not exclude lines, sort the output etc. in a meaningful manner - unhandy!


    (3) using TSSUTIL with Option "LONG" and postprocessing to join the two lines to a single one is my current workaround. But output to a dataset, read, transform and write again wastes ressources - inefficient!


    To adress the need and avoid the disadvantages I suggest to create an alternative TSSUTIL-Option to "LONG" (let's say "WIDE"), resulting in a report, which outputs all data fields (like with option 'LONG') in one - wider- line.


    All your votes an alternative approaches to address the need described above are appreciated very much.        .