USSP vs SDM vs Service Catalog

Idea created by ReneeMarble76041489 on Jul 28, 2015
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    USSP Password Expiry message mimics SDM
    rather than Service Catalog


    EEM is required for Service Catalog


    EEM is required for USSP integration to
    Service Catalog


    Problem Statement:

    to the built in solution for Service Catalog the solution presented for USSP
    has the following issues:


    1.USSP redirects the user to EEM when
    their EEM password is expired


    EEM will not work on IPv6 networks
    without the ability to reverse DNS so we have had to implement alternate
    password reset tool


    2. User is forced to enter old password twice, once to USSP and then again to change password






    3.User is forced to login to USSP
    again after changing password





    Change the password reset code for USSP
    when the EEM integration is enabled to mimic Service Catalog to provide an
    improved user experience.