SLA at the tenant Level

Idea created by MeteshKeshav1307450 on Jul 29, 2015
    Not planned
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    Hi it will be nice if R12 and newer version can have the ability so the SLA is driven via the Tenant.

    I understand that from CA this is not possible


    This will act the same as the service contract model, but will be set at the tenant level.

    when using the service contact that AEU needs to belong to that service contract where you can only have one AEU to a service contract but an AEU can't be linked to many service contacts.


    the only way to get the SLA attached to the tenant is to have it attached to each request area, but this way you can't have it linked to a Priority and you have a large list of events and also need to remember to add this when creating request areas


    the service contract model is nice to use but is restricted when you have analyst that support multiple tenants and can be an AEU of several tenants.