Developing a solution to hide warning messages in CA Service Desk Manager

Idea created by ohf on Aug 10, 2015
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    Good afternoon


    Recently we have created a new environment to test multitenancy in our enterprise. We had several dificulties that had been solved in our goal to test the multitenancy under CA ServiceDesk Manager.


    Only one thing left, it´s not an error, only a nuisance for our users.


    When you´re working under a multitenancy environment we have discovered that if you´re trying to get elements that are under tenancy rules you get an annoying warning.


    For example, you have the element contact tenantiated, some of the contacts are under tenancy B and other under tenancy A, or C, or D... You´re creating a request and trying to find the contact to fill the requestor field. If you enter into the contact search window you get the next message:


     AHD05348:Selecciones restringidas a los clientes a los que se les permite referencias de cliente ******  (Selections restricted to the clients that are allowed to be referenced by client ***)


    It´s not an error, only a warning for the user. But the user doesn´t want to see this warning. They already know that they are under a tenancy and they can´t see other tenancy elements. It´s an unuseful message.


    We don´t have any possibility to hide/delete this message (unless we try some javascript hack). Talking with support they said that this is an autoamtic message from the domsrvr.


    There must be a correct way, without hacking the html, to hide or avoid this annoying messages, for example a parameter under nx.env.


    Don´t you think so?


    Thank you and regards.