SCCM/SCOM 2012 interface

Idea created by danegrey on Aug 26, 2015
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    • danegrey

    Interface to allow SCCM/SCOM 2012 data into the CA-CMDB


    There are other companies that provide a Orchestrator Runbook SCOM to Service Desk solution. 
    But I have found this is way more than what is needed and I cannot generate interest in it.  

    I currently have in place a process where I get extracted SCCM/SCOM server/laptop/desktop information, run a script that tells me whether the information
    is in the CA-CMDB or not.  Output a file to do adds/updates.  I use GRLOADER to load this add/update CIs. 
    This is minimum information (resource name/host name/serial number/class/family/isci/active)

    Would like something that would be more automatic and maybe a bit more information.