Ability to create custom JavaScript Expressions

Idea created by skypittman on Aug 27, 2015
    Not planned
    • skypittman

    Would like to see the ability to create custom JS Expressions to be able to expand the OOTB ones to be able to connect to any table in the MDB including when other CA applications are installed (APM and SAM in this case).  We have the need in our organization to link to APM/SAM tables to be able to obtain better demographic and asset information than what Catalog understands in its very limited user profile.


    As an example, the ability to pre-populate the asset information for the logged in user to allow the user the ability to select what asset is assigned to them to install software on or to return to IT would be nice.  The ca_contact table OOTB does not contain enough demographics of location (down to cubical/office level) but APM does.  One is a user location the other is an asset location, these are similar in nature and generally are the same when referring to Desktops or Laptops as assets unlike servers/applications.