Create a document with probes and all metrics being monitored by them

Idea created by khaam06 Employee on Aug 30, 2015

    Hi ,


    In recent times , since the documentation have been migrated to there is not single document available which highlights all the probes with metrics they monitor at a single location or single document. There was such a document when nimsoft documentation was available at


    This is very helpful, as currently we need to individually go to each and every probe to extract the metrics being monitored by that probe which takes alot of time . Also , in recent times there have been new probes launch , additional metrics being added to old probes and aggregation/consolidation of multiple probes into one like cdm and since there is no central repository which does tell us unless we read the release documentation , its a herculean task to keep track of changes.


    Also ,would like to request if screenshot can be added to documentation to simplify it still further .


    Appreciate your help .