Enhancement Request to Change Quantity for Assets

Idea created by yeola02 Employee on Aug 31, 2015
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    • yeola02
    • Yazzing

    ITAM 12.9/ CA Service Management 14.1

    (Lodged on behalf of DAIWA CAPITAL MARKETS HONG KONG LTD. Topsite ID 762121)


    ITAM does not allow changing the Quantity once an asset is created. The only way is to delete the asset and re-enter it with the correct quantity to maintain the data integrity


    For example, customer acquired 10 assets (unit price is $500) cost total $5000 in 2014. In 2015, they renew maintenance contract for the original 10 assets, but they reduce the quantity to 5.

    Currently, there is no way to keep the historical records in 2014 (10 assets with total $5000 cost) and create new record for the update quantity (5) in ITAM?


    Also, if an asset is created with the incorrect quantity the asset must be deleted and recreated.


    Once we have any quantity changes on existing asset records, we have to discard all the related historical records and create a brand new record. Customer believes this seems to defeat the purpose of ITAM as an asset inventory.