SNMP extracting Trap informaton

Idea created by mugti01 Employee on Aug 31, 2015
    Under review

    Current version of  the probe 3.17 and other versions of the probe, have a limitation when passing an alarm the probe only has the ability to parse complete variables and not a specific part of the alarm. The current request is to have the probe upon converting the trap into a  Nimsoft alarm  to parse specific elements as can been seem in the example



    $1 = Silent Servers: MSDN.Probe.COM

    Event: Http 302 - Found

    Alert: Http 302 - Found

    Threshold: 1

    Last Value: 15

    Threshold Type: Positive



    So the request would be to go ahead and remove "http 302-found" and create a separate  as separate alarm with a the specified information.

    "Http 302 - Found" from $1 and sent that as part of my alarm title to Spectrum like: "Dreamweaver Alarm: Http 302 - Found"


    Please can this be added into as future functionality.