Idea: more and better documentation on MDB for both Service Desk and Service Catalog

Idea created by mderidde on Sep 10, 2015
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    we are at times struggling to find out where what data is stored in the mdb and when we find the correct tables we still don't know what the data would mean.


    This is especially the case for CA Service Catalog. For CA Service Desk Manager there are ways to get the object and field, then lookup the data layer table(s) and field names, for Catalog there is no way to do so.


    I understand the idea should be to use BOXI and the universe instead. Sadly, there is again no documentation on the universe. We have received several requests from customers about where they can find what data in BOXI.


    Also, the tools CA Service Desk and CA Service Catalog use their own universes where our customers would need the ability to report across universes (e.g.:what catalog request had which items that got approved by what person when, then also show details from the matching CA Service Desk tickets for these Catalog Service Options).


    In short, some more thought might need to be put into building the universe(s), documentation of them and also documentation on the backend mdb to at least allow us to create customized universes to answer to our customer needs.