Populate the WF_COMMENT field (and other WF_... fields) in the KD Object

Idea created by Ray.Cerniglia on Sep 22, 2015
    Not planned
    • Ray.Cerniglia

    The Knowledge Workflow Forward form has a Comment textbox.  Text entered in this box is appended to the Event Detail on the Event List on the History tab on the Knowledge Document but is not included on ‘Default KD Approval Task message template for Knowledge document’ message template.  I thought I could add the WF_COMMENT from the KD object to the template as @{WF_COMMENT} and show the comment from the last workflow task completed for the knowledge document.  However this field is always empty as are the other WF_... fields in the KD Object.  I would like these fields populated with values from the last completed workflow task for the knowledge document. This would expose the workflow task detail and allow me to add this information to the message template.