Robust User Audit Logging

Idea created by ScottOrzechowski Employee on Sep 28, 2015

    Many customers need to find out which users have made changes to the Spectrum database, in order to find out why the edits were made, and what the extent of the edits were.


    Currently Spectrum allows user event logging (by setting log_user_events=true in the .vnmrc file and restarting the SpectroSERVER), but it offers no granularity for what types of events are of interest, and it results in a lot of noise.  Some useful categories of events might be:


    Model creation

    Model deletion


    User model changes

    Global Collection edits

    Policy creations/edits


    It would be even more powerful to allow the creation of user events against a set of models of interest (e.g. Who is making changes to Catalyst devices, or Who is changing models in subnet