Different Email addresses for Different IdM IMEs on the same IdM Infrastructure

Idea created by Prashanth.Myskar on Oct 5, 2015



    If we have multiple IdM Environments, each environment should use a separate email address while sending the emails from the same mail server defined in Application Servers. For Example, if I have 'ABCUSA' and 'XYZUSA' IdM Environments on the same IdM infrastructure, the emails from 'ABCUSA' IME should go with 'abcusa@usa.com' email address and the emails from 'XYZUSA' should go with 'xyzusa@usa.com' from the same Mail Server defined in Application Servers.


    I understand that this is not possible at this moment as only one 'from' email address is stored in the 'email.properties' file within IdM and all IdM Environments use the same property while sending the emails. So we believe that there needs to be an enhancement request for configuring separate email address for different IdM IMEs.