Installer should warn that oracle characterset needs to be AL32UTF8

Idea created by james.kimber on Oct 6, 2015
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    I am currently working on project to change the character set of Citi's CMS from WE8S08859P1 to AL32UTF8 simple because someone failed to read the documentation and create the oracle database with the correct character set.



    The effects of this are:


    a) Non-ascii characters on the subject line appear as question marks

    b) iConsole text highlighting doesn't work for non-ascii characters


    It's a huge effort to fix this involving a complete database export / import and considerable amounts of testing.

    All because:

    a) The installer doesn't check this during install

    b) The information is buried in 1000's lines of documentation.


    To check the database character set, execute the query:



    SELECT value$ FROM sys.props$ WHERE name = 'NLS_CHARACTERSET' ;


    If the database has been setup correctly, this should return AL32TUF8



    Note: this is only applicable to Oracle