Remove the Requirement to ReRegister AS Agents after JDK Upgrades

Idea created by Josh Perlmutter on Oct 7, 2015
    Not planned
    • Joseph_Lutz
    • J_Mattingly
    • Pete_Burant
    • Josh Perlmutter
    • david.rowe.32

    Dear CA, your design implementation for the Application Server Agents is truely spectacular.

    As per a different Idea, it ignores some of the features of security and auditing of the basic agent.

    Now  i find out via  a support case its also designed to  make JDK upgrades painful.


    Could we please regain some sanity and remove the need to reregister the trusted host after a JDK upgrade?


    please start with the latest line, R12,0 SP2 CR <next>

    (currently my employer has us installing the latest, R12,0 SP2 CR1)


    please start with Red Hat (6.x+) and then include Windows (2008 R2+)