Modify Timesheet Construct In Clarity

Idea created by masja05 Employee on Oct 8, 2015

    My client has requested the following changes to be considered for the next major release in regards to the Timesheet functionality.  We have communicated these changes to product development via email but wanted to get the Communities thoughts on the following modifications.  I know these requests have been submitted to CA Product development as far back as 7.5.3:


    I have met with the  project manager and  this is their wish list for enhancements to the Timesheet module:


    1. Ability to have the timesheet configurable like the other objects, ie projects, resources, tasks.
    2. Ability to pull any the available fields from the resource object, project object, and task object into the timesheet view (filter and grid).
    3. Ability to filter on the OBS specific unit or unit and descendants in the Timesheet filter.
    4. Ability to hide or create new/user defined buttons on the timesheet.
    5. Ability to configure real time edit checks and error messaging on the timesheet.
    6. Ability to easily report on timesheets that have not been opened, edited, or submitted.
    7. Ability to audit fields on the timesheet object.
    8. Ability to create a grid portlet based on the timesheet object (ie will allow for trend reporting of timesheet data over time).
    9. Ability to integrate easily the timesheet data with external systems (bi-directional).
    10. CA to develop a prettier user presentation of the timesheet, ie Workday.