Regarding 'System_AHD_generated' messages for failed mail notifications

Idea created by smmyrick on Oct 8, 2015
    Not planned

    I would like to see some method to keep these notifications either separate from the Incident Activity log (i.e., put them back in Notification History and make that a tab in the Incident) or, give us a way to indicate which kind object we want making a notation in the log (i.e., we would skip groups (grp) but, would like to have the analysts (agt) to still be noted).


    We are currently implementing the r14.1 upgrade. A change has been made in this release adding the failed notification message to be posted in the Incident Activity Log instead of in the Notification History in previous releases.


    This will cause our company process problems due to the fact that none of our groups have (nor will they have) an e-mail address or notification method. Our emails are sent to the members of the group. I do admit that if a failure occurs on a valid e-mail recipient, this message will be helpful in the Incident Activity Log.


    However, we are going to have a non-valuable entry in every incident for every assignment and transfer during the incident's lifetime. According to CA Tech Doc TEC1780022, there has been no provision made to be able to suppress or ignore these error messages.


    At this point, I'm not sure how we are going to surround this issue.