Trigger based Tracing for SiteMinder Policy Server

Idea created by SungHoon_Kim Employee on Oct 12, 2015
    Under review

    In Production environment, Policy Server Tracing is disabled.

    When an intermittent error occurs, the issue cannot be investigated due to lack of information and need to enable tracing until the issue occurs again and this can be painful.


    If the product can provide an option to choose which error events to trace and enable "Trigger based Tracing" option, then the product will dump all available information when that error condition is detected.


    If there is 50% chance this trigger based trace log can help to investigate the issue, it should be sufficient to give us some direction compared to having nothing at all when this feature did not exist.


    For example, this feature is a feature between On and Off.

    When the configured error condition is not encountered, there would be no log.

    Only when the matching error condition is encountered, this Trigger based logging dumps the smtracedefault.log for matching transaction.