CA SAM - A non allowed user can edit a contract and is blocked only when he tries to save it.

Idea created by parol01 Employee on Oct 23, 2015
    • Alexandre_Almeida
    • Gale_Bacon
    • J_W
    • Debbie_Kuhar
    • parol01

    A non allowed user can edit a contract. It is only at the end, when the user wants to save, that CA SAM shows that the user cannot update the record.
    We see here an ergonomic problem.

    A user must not be allowed to start a task when he has not sufficient rights to perform it.

    The user should not be able to edit a contract that he has no right to update.

    The modifiable and non modifiable contracts are displayed in the same way in the list. Would it be possible to differentiate?