UIM Performance reports: target selection dropdown box

Idea created by mark.de.boer on Oct 28, 2015
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    When you currently create a certain performance graph in UIM, it's sometimes possible to select a different device in a dropdown box, so you have the same graph for that device.


    Which is very useful, the only problem here is, that that second device need to have the exact same metric targets as the initial device. Which is a bit silly.



    I'll post my example from the case I've logged at support:


    "Question about creating a certain performance report.


    We have a QoS that has the logical drives as targets. Some servers have only one logical drive, others have multiple.


    Our customer wants a performance report per server, that shows all the drives and the data.


    So if the server has a c drive, c drive data.

    If he has a c and d drive, c and d drive data, etc.


    Problem I'm facing now: unless I create an individual performance report per server (and they have a lot of servers), I cannot do this.


    The reason is, if I create a performance report an I select c and d as target, he will only populate the drop down box with servers that have c and d drives. Servers with only a c drive are not populated, same goes for servers that have more than only c and d drives.


    Using a filter won't work either, I can create one per drive, but this gives me a report of all servers per drive and we need a report of all drives per server.


    Any ideas how this might be possible? The question is simple enough though. One report per server showing the data per drive.


    If I could create one report using the server that has the most drives and if the performance report just would disregard the fact that other servers have less drives, it would work. "