Allow multiple instances of the same field in a search filter with different comparative operators

Idea created by Brett_Zipkin on Oct 28, 2015
    Not planned
    • Brett_Zipkin
    • sharamateti
    • ewije02

    OOTB search filters other than dates are almost always an "equals" comparison.  If I use Web Screen Painter to add another one as a "not equals" it only works if I remove the "equals" version.  Per CA Support, the engine that creates the filter will ignore the 2nd instance of the field in the search filter.  The tool should allow multiple.  Since you have to hard code the comparative operation in the PDM_MACRO tag instead of giving the user the ability to choose their own, providing flexibility is important.


    For Example.   I wanted to give people the opportunity to filter changes by Change Type both inclusively or exclusively without using the "Additional Search Arguments" field which is only useful if the client is familiar with the schema.  Currently this is not possible.  Please make whatever changes are required for this to function properly.


    Currently on SDM 12.9 CP1