Sharepoint search(Federated adapter) cannot filter the tenant name for the search with the attachment of the tenanted KD.

Idea created by Kosei_Oshita Employee on Nov 4, 2015
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    On the SDM r12.9 multi tenancy environment, the sharepoint search(federated adapter) does not filter the attachment of the tenanted KD. Regarding the tenanted KD, it includes the meta tag 'CASDMTENANT' to the KD content and the sharepoint search can filter the tenanted KD by that. But the attachment does not have the mechanism and the indexed attachment content does not have the meta tag. So, the login user can see hit the attachment of the tenanted KD that is for the other tenant, not login user's tenant. Although the attachment of the other tenant KD shows the KD search result, the login user cannot see the KD detail screen because the SDM has the permission. However the listed other tenant's attachment is not an appropriate. I will suggest to enhance the function of the sharepoint search that the login user can hit the attachment of the own tenant's KD only. This behavior occurs on the r14.1 also.