Allow multiline comments in schema designer

Idea created by alex.zwinge on Nov 5, 2015
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    We have a documentation tool that parses files for specifically formatted comments and generates html documentation about our customizations from them (something similar to what javadoc or jsdoc would do). One very sore spot we have is that we are not able to include the wsp.mods file because it only allows a single line comment and we cannot add them directly to the file because it would just be overwritten. What we propose is that you change schema designer to allow for a textarea type input for comments (on tables and columns) instead of a simple input.


    for example, currently when you type in a comment its a single line, like this:


    'I am typing a comment'


    and is output to the wsp.mods file like this


    //I am typing a comment


    What we would like to see if the ability to type a comment like this


    ' First line of comment

    second line of comment



    and be output like this


    // first line of comments

    // second line of comment

    // comments