Automatic deactivation of an Escalation Policy

Idea created by ReWi on Nov 9, 2015

    ## What is the use case of the new feature?


    Automatic deactivation of an Escalation Policy for a defined time frame.



    ## Describe the new feature in detail


    Our customer face the challenge to deactivate one or more Escalation Policies for a specified time frame.

    As this is currently not possible our customer defines time frames (Business Hours) in which a Esc. Policy should be active.

    The time frames, wherein a Esc. Policy should be deactivated, are left out.

    After the time frame, in which a Esc. Policy was deactivated, the customer set it to 24x7, as otherwise the policy will be deactivated the next day, too.


    This procedure is very inconvenient, because it has always been kept in mind, that the policy needs to be reactivated again. So another possibility or solution is urgently needed.


    One possible solution could be to provide a 'Schedule Escalation Policy Time Frame' functionality.



    ## Describe how you envision this new feature being implemented.


    During the creation of an Escalation Policy it would be good, if an user can define the time frame, in which the policy is active (resp. deactive).

    Therefore the corresponding option can be added anywhere in the Create Escalation Policy dialog.



    ## What business problem will be solved by adding this new feature?


    By adding this feature, the tool administration will be simplified a lot.

    Moreover any problems can be avoided, in case it was forgotten to reactivate an Escalation Policy after a time frame in which it was deactivated.