ITAM Data Importer Improvements Needed

Idea created by JimLunde on Nov 9, 2015
    Not planned

    Currently with the ITAM Data Importer, the "processing" will stay there indefinitely if there a model mismatch on an asset or if a field (from mapped template vs actual import job currently running) is missing.  When this happens, you need to stop the importer process on the app server, clean up the file in the Storage/Import folder, then restart the Importer process. Then you have to search and debug what is different or wrong.  Too time consuming.


    Can we get the developers to add additional logic to the importer process to detect these conditions and spit out a error in the logs? I would hope to see "model not found for record xx" or something and have it continue with the next record without any manual intervention.  If a field or required field is missing, please update in the log for the load and just end.    This is a big pain point such that I cringe on some loads because I know I can waste a morning or afternoon on what should be a 10 minute job.   We're on 12.9 code. 


    Anyone else feeling this frustration?