Certify sessionlinker 64-bit on AIX 7.1  for Apache 2.2 or oracle http 12.1.3

Idea created by jens.griepentrog on Nov 19, 2015
    Not planned

    We are using peoplesoft Version 8.54 which together with weblogic Server 12.1.3. For siteminder authentification we are currently using apche 2.2 64 bit on AIX 6.1. (which soon will be updated to AIX 7.1).  We also Need to use sessionlinker 64 bit on AIX 7.1  which is not currently certified by CA and it is not working. When I tested it I get Symbol Resolution Errors.


    According to CA we can only use IBM HTTP Server on AIX 7.1 with sessionlinker 64 bit, but this is not an Option , because IBM HTTP Server is not certified by Oracle for the weblogic plugin.


    ThereforeI'm creating this idea to ask for the certification of running sessionlinker 64 bit with either Apache 2.2 or Oracle http 12.1.3 (where Apache would be the preferred Version, because this is what we are currently using)  on AIX 7.1 64 bit.