CA SAM - Connectors/Inventory and solution scoping.

Idea created by milro17 Employee on Nov 23, 2015
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    Hi Team,

    In a recent project I've had thoughts about connectors and their capabilities in providing inventory data for compliance.

    To my thinking, it should be possible to link a Connector, and the data that it provides, to the Product in the Master Catalog.

    E.g. for Vendor ABC, Product XYZ, version 123, we know, according to the data we have in the Master Catalog, that this Products metric is Device and the licensing is therefore device-based.

    We know that in this simple license metric scenario that both the standard ootb SCCM Connector and CA Client Auto Connector will provide all of the inventory information we need for us to do compliance.

    Again, in this simple scenario, all we need is ARP data. Of course, we need the other side of the A-Model, but for Inventory we have sufficient data to perform compliance calculations using either of these connectors.


    Would it be possible then to map a Catalog Product to the Connectors that provide the necessary inventory? Possibly an extra field in the Product details that states a specific connector and connector version.


    The reason for this idea is that recently we have had a discussion with a customer that is onboarding Oracle. SWAT provided an Oracle Connector which was a great start, but when we compared it to the Oracle Product lists we were provided, we found we would need a lot more data.

    It’s this scenario that I want to get more control of – specifically, what Products a Connector can provide inventory for?


    CA Services people I talk to are finding problems in scoping what Connectors are required and therefore what effort we need in an engagement.  If customers provide a list of all Products they have, it would be really nice to be able to run that list through CA SAM (or even a spreadsheet) and not only check if they are in our Master Catalog, but also say which connectors we need to implement to support compliance for them.


    Of course there will be Products/Vendors where we don’t have Connectors, but at least having a starting point for required Connectors when a customer provides a Product list, this would be great.

    We would also have a lot better understanding on estimating the effort needed for customer connectors.