Reduce Excessive logging with more intelligent and/or granular control

Idea created by thomas.krpata on Nov 23, 2015
    Under review

    Excessive logging with repetitive info is not useful.  I'd like to see more intelligent and more granular control over logging.

    For example, we prefer INFO level logging; however, with the new APM 10.x features related to Auto Trace and differential Analysis we find excessive and repetitive logging.  We need to be able to suppress such repetitive logging.




    11/23/15 12:00:00.197 AM EST [WARN] [pool-6-thread-10] [Manager] AgentThresholdDeliveryService:  agent appears gone: SuperDomain|[AGENT]|WebSphere|CloudBurstCell_1/CLCONCTR_CloudBurstNode_3_1

    11/23/15 12:00:00.198 AM EST [WARN] [pool-6-thread-8] [Manager] ATDS: baseline prediction not available for: SuperDomain|[AGENT]|WebSphere|BPMCell/dmgr|Frontends|Apps|ibm/console|URLs|Default:Average Response Time (ms)