Rebuild of CMDB Visualizer on modern technology like HTML5

Idea created by greud01 Employee on Dec 1, 2015

    Adobe Flash is slowly dying for several good reasons (

    Unfortunately the CMDB Visualizer of CA Service Desk Manager is completly relying on Flash technology.

    As the Visualizer is a huge differentiator to competitors in that area I'd suggest to have a HTML5 based successor.

    This could probably be seamlessly integrated in the web GUI of Service Desk Manager.



    • no installation of Flash (security risks) necessary
    • No aditional ports for the Visualizer servlet necessary (=> Firewall, Loadbalacer etc.)
    • maybe it is open to customization
    • more easy and direct lauch of Visualizer in several SDM web GUI contexts
      (CI Detail, CI Lists, Change/Incident Detail for root cause and impact analysis, CAB view, ...)


    Tom Starke pointed out this article (thanks for that!):

    Even Adobe wants everyone to quit using Flash

    it shows even Adobe itself starts recommending to move away from Flash.