Activity Log Entry changes

Idea created by john.ogden1.1 on Dec 14, 2015
    Not planned
    • Jon_Israel
    • jeffery.mason
    • DanaCalderwood4459035

    Request for a supported way to allow only a user who created
    an activity log entry to be able to edit it, and not edit any that have not
    been created by that user (users can only edit their items).


    Currently activity log entries can either be set to editable
    (public) or write protected via Options

    When this option is set to editable (public), activity log
    entries (log comment, update status, etc) on all tickets can be modified by the
    original creator of the entry or any analyst who has access to the ticket. The main
    problem with this is option is that modifications are not tracked – either on
    the ticket itself or in the Administration Tab>Service Desk>Audit log

    When the option is set to write protected, no Analyst can
    modify the activity log entry (except to set it to internal), including the
    analyst who created the entry. The problem with this setting is that it restricts
    analysts from modifying their own log entries to correct mistakes.