Configuration GUI allow multiple webengines with different webdirector settings

Idea created by KGerber.1 on Dec 22, 2015
    Not planned
    • KGerber.1
    • tzadell
    • dasfa01

    When configuring the webengines and webdirectors, it would be nice to be able to configure the webengines so that the webdirector settings in the web.cfg files for the RedirectingURL and LogoutURL settings would be configurable on a webengine by webengine basis.  Currently, the configuration allows multiple webengines to be configured, but if you need the webengines to have different settings for the webdirector settings, you have to manually change them back after running a pdm_configure.  I believe it is because there is only one web.cfg.tpl file and the settings in that file are used for each web.cfg file that is created for each webengine.  For example:  We have 4 webdirectors on the primary server, 2 are used for controlling SSL/SSO logins, 1 for us based users and 1 for international based users. and the other 2 handle the redirects for the other webengines.  This allows the us users to see one date format and international users to see another.  There are also 2 webengines on the primary to handle the SSL/SSO Logins.  The secondary servers have 5 webengines each.  One for handling Non SSO, SSL Logins and the others handle the non-SSL connections after login.  When we run pdm_configure, the settings for LogoutURL and RedirectingURL in the primary-web2.cfg are overwritten with the default settings from web.cfg.tpl file.  It would be nice to be able to set these settings in the GUI when configuring the webengine.