Extend DefaultHostName ACO Parameter for HTTP/1.1  requests

Idea created by ak on Jan 11, 2016
    Not planned
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    At the moment, the ACO  "DefaultHostName" only handles HTTP/0.9
    and HTTP/1.0 requests :

         Defines a value for the HOST header. Add this
         parameter to your Agent Configuration Object or
         LocalConfig.conf file to use a testing or
         performance tool that sends HTTP version 0.9 or
         version 1.0 requests (without HOST headers).
         If this parameter is not set, the Web Agent only
         accepts HTTP 1.1 requests.

    In order to handle our HealthCheck monitoring scripts (running with HTTP 1.1. with empty HOST header), please extend "DefaultHostName"

    functionality for version HTTP 1.1.


    Best regards

    Andrey Khramchenkov