Allow Summary/Detail Reports to handle long URLs in CA SDM/ITSM

Idea created by Kyle_R Employee on Jan 14, 2016
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    • Kyle_R

    The CA Service Desk Manager/ITSM "Summary" and "Detail" Reports generate a "404" error if there are very large Data Partion Constraints in place.


    This is because the Data Partition Constraint is added to the Report URL, exceeding the browser HTML path maximum (around 2,000 characters) and triggering the error.


    The error:

    404 - File or directory not found.png

    A Data Partition Constraint of around 500 characters, which gets converted to around 2,000 characters once wrapping of the Report URL and the expansion of escaped characters like apostrophers (') to HTML code occurs:

    404 - File or directory not found - Data partition constraint.png


    The request is for the Reports to bypass the above restriction, and pass URLs longer than 2,000 characters in a better way, such as by breaking up long queries and sending them in parts which are then re-assembled by the CA SDM server.


    The workaround at present is:


    * Use a shorter data partition constraint OR


    * Use Business Objects to do reporting in this scenario.


    Knowledge document with some more details: TEC1567486


    Thanks, Kyle_R.