Alternate combo name patterns for contacts

Idea created by diogo.nobrega on Jan 18, 2016

    The default combo name pattern in Service Desk is "Last_Name, First_Name" (like "Smith, Adam" for "Adam Smith"). This is a common treatment in american/english culture, but not so common in portuguese language (maybe neither in others cultures/languages). We are used to call a person by his first name here, so, for us, a combo name in the form "First_Name Last_Name" would be more practical. The idea is to allow alternate combo name patterns (or even customized patterns), such like "First_Name Last_Name"  for displaying contact names, so it would be easier to find/search contacts in SDM.


    Main advantages:

    • Visually consistent with local culture
    • Allows search contacts by its first name
    • Same pattern in both AD names/accounts and SDM contacts


    CC: FelipeVACS