Enable the ability to see the contact's phone number in the Mobile App

Idea created by Daphine on Feb 3, 2016
    • J_W
    • Daphine
    • Alex_Perretti
    • jmayer
    • Raghu.Rudraraju

    The mobile app currently does not have the capabilities to display a contact's phone number when either viewing an existing ticket or creating a new ticket within the Mobile App.   The mobile app was designed to provide the technicians a way to manage their tickets out in the field where they spend the majority of their time as opposed to having to find a desktop computer where they can search for and update their tickets.  How is that the ability to contact a user excludes providing a contact number so an engineer/technician can reach out to the user directly from a mobile device with their phone number instead of using manual notifications/email and have to wait for a response.


    This field is currently not available in the mobile app attribute and should be so that technicians are provided with all the information within the app that would assist them in contacting the user to provide a rapid response/resolution to tickets while out in the field.