Enhance WCC 11.4 QVIEW Job search field to allow multiple job names to be pasted.

Idea created by lisadunaway on Feb 8, 2016
    Currently Planned


    Our production control team frequently accepts incoming requests to perform actions on lists of jobs. The quickest method, with least clicks, is to use QVIEW to take action on a job, or on a set of jobs that have similar names because it allows wild cards. You can search for the jobs, click "Select All" and take action on all jobs at once.


    When jobs do not have similar names, it is necessary to open the server view, and cut and paste a comma-delimited list of job names in the search field. Once the list of jobs are displayed there is no option to take action on all of them. A click on the first job in the list and a CTRL+click on the last job, then a right click to get the action menu is required. Even after those steps, the job name search field is limited to 255 characters, which is simply too short for our production control team's daily function. I'll open a separate enhancement request for that field to be extended. This request is strictly to allow QVIEW to accept multiple job names similar to the server view, but with an adequate character limit to match the 11.3 WCC JSC search field would be sufficient.