Send notifications as one email - not individual emails

Idea created by Brett_Zipkin on Feb 12, 2016
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    I have had many complaints related to this issue.  Here are the problems I experience constantly and the recommendations I'm making to fix it.



    1. When addressing to multiple recipients, anyone receiving the email thinks they are the only one to be notified
    2. When we get a large amount of automated tickets created due to a system wide issue, the backlog of emails explodes causing 15-20 minute delays in delivery and a flood hitting the exchange servers
      1. Ex.  100 tickets cut assigned to a server team of 30 people.  That's 3000 emails during creation.  If they are high priority, that's followed up by another 3000 for SLA warnings if not handled quickly plus even more as management is copied on the SLA warnings.  Then if bulk assigned, another 3000 for the transfer activities.  In no time whatsoever, 9000 separate emails have been attempted and the system can't keep up.  As a result management requests us admins to purge the email backlog from the mail_queue folder which also purges emails from other tickets that got stuck in the flood and sometimes causes pdm_mail_nxd to stop processing mail altogether requiring us to kill it and have it start up fresh.
    3. In some cases we have notifications that get sent to both Service Desk group(s) and Outlook distribution lists.  When an individual is a member of both the Outlook group and the Service Desk group they get 2 or more emails because Service Desk doesn't know the outlook group memberships.



    1. Change the way you parse and create the emails.   Gather all the unique members and add them all to one email.
    2. Give us the option to choose if we want the recipients to be in the To, CC or BCC fields.  Possibly some more complex solution where the setting is in each notification rule to provide flexibility instead of a global setting.
    3. Provide an option to this so that technician recipients are optionally hidden from Employees if we want to keep that private.
    4. Maintain the Notification History as is so even though 1 email is sent, we can still tell who was skipped or who used a pager_email_address vs. email_address vs those with no address or method specified.


    This would increase customer satisfaction and cut down on system overhead dramatically.  Both for Service Desk application server and for the email system that has to process all the emails.  This has been an ongoing problem for as long as I've been using this product and I started using it in 2007 so a minimum of 9 years.  Please help-- [DocumentBodyEnd:ebc7a5e7-7dfb-4154-8bb7-8850d49e2e9b] -->