Out of the box System uptime/availability report

Idea created by hiteshsehgal on Feb 17, 2016
    Currently Planned

    Out of the box system uptime/availability report should be added to CA UIM nimsoft.


    This is in reference to case# 70007727.


    Firstly, In calculating server/network device availability report from CA UIM USM, as per the current design the uptime QOS is capturing the system uptime and on every reboot it resets to zero so it is a big challenge to calculate the total system uptime.


    Secondly, there is no way to calculate total time a server/network device was in maintenance mode. So if we need to find the total time a device was in maintenance mode in last one month, we are not able to do it.


    This is a basic requirement for any client to check their device availability excluding maintenance mode time.


    Attaching the case details as well.



    Hitesh Sehgal