CA Service Virtualization: HL7 Healthcare Enhancements to "Productize"

Idea created by heyjude on Feb 22, 2016
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    I am new to both CA Service Virtualization and HL7 request/responses but I have learned quite a bit within the last four months.  I am the Lead Service Virtualization here at CHI and I believe we are closer to getting a solution that we feel should definitely become a part of DevTest.


    With the help of a talented CA developer (Ashutosh Satyam) and requirements provided by CHI, we are a step closer to providing a solution for our complex testing requirements.  This custom work includes an HL7 Data Protocol Handler that converts a text HL7 message (bi-directional) to an XML format specific to our business.  It also includes a step in the .vsm model that acts like a “client” and can send one to many responses depending on the type of HL7 message sent. With this custom code, it reads and iterates through a list of responses sending them to a configurable IP/Port address. It includes additional capability of providing a wait time for each response before sending.


    I am learning that the “standard” HL7 is deceptive and mapping can be challenging.  I have overcome some of this with the use of the Request Data Manager.  This has helped condense the request and identify the pertinent fields I may need to send back within any given response.  I have found the use of this just a little bit limiting, but have made some suggestions for enhancing this functionality (shameless plug here).


    The creation of this service is built off of request/response pairs which includes an ACK for the TCP/IP connection, then one to many responses within the logical transactions.  We know that CA Service Virtualization acts like a server by receiving the request and only has the ability to send back one response based on the TCP/IP protocol connection.  By including these enhancements to the base DevTest, the functionality to have SV act as a client sending additional responses, configurable IP and ports for sending, and response delay times could be available to all.


    I noticed this post was first originated almost two years ago requesting an enhancement for support for HL7 within SV and Test.


    Then I noticed this post concerning sending multiple responses for a request.


    Please help me vote up for this request to “Productize” support for HL7 Service Virtualization and break into new ground for the healthcare industry.


    Thank you, Jude Baffico