Demos / Tips and Tricks - How to use our jive communities and available resources

Idea created by Aurora_Gaimon Employee on Feb 26, 2016



    I'd like to know if we can organize short demos for user:


    "Short videos" and/or "Tips and tricks" ... on how to use our jive communities and available resources. (ie: likes, bookmarks, streams, different types of search, tags...)



    - I took me ages to find out right "clicks and where" to see my bookmarks in the communities, and I know there are many people they don't know how to.

    - there is sometimes a misuse or non-usage at all of tags. They have great potential, specially for searching.

    - Why a "thump up" is important...

    - How rankings work...

    - How to find interesting communities and follow them

    - type of notifications

    - How to create polls and who can create them

    - How to submit enhancement requests (ideas) for jive

    - how to rate and why is important..

    - jive app for mobiles/tables

    - etc..


    This is generic information for all users (no product related).