hdb and spooler probes Not Responding -Need Fix

Idea created by Issac08 Champion on Feb 26, 2016

    Hi Team,



       In most  cases robot status is showing Up ,but the probes are down (Spooler,hdb),due to this monitoring is getting affected .Admins cannot restart robot or validate hdb ,spooler security for each and every time .This behavior may cause failure in monitoring .We cannot spend the time in checking theses probes frequently.


      We can get some scripts to detect theses types of abnormal probes ,But what is the exact issue in robot ..whether it a bug ...Or what is the permanent fix for this issue .

    Robots is the monitoring agent ,we can't spend more effort in monitoring robot itself.Everyone may not aware of scripting or NAS auto operator part .It would great if the issue is fixed in future release or any other alternatives .kindly share the suggestions.


    Adding the threads:

    Detecting Malfunctioning Robots




    NimBOSS, wbdeford ->Pls add if any points have been missed .