smtracedefault.log filename to contain the [Host], [Pid] and [Date]

Idea created by SungHoon_Kim Employee on Mar 3, 2016
    Not planned
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    When the smtracedefault.log is configured, we only need to specify the full filepath to smtracedefault.log.


    When the log gets rolled over, it becomes smtracedefault_YYYYMMDD_HHMMSS.log

    What I would hope to get is smtracedefault_PID_YYYYMMDD_HHMMSS.log


    What do I gain from this?


    I can remove [Pid] and [Date] fields from the profiler setting.

    Imaging if you are getting GB of trace per minute, this really counts!


    To improve it further, it would even be better if the filename can pickup the hostname.



    So, we know from which server it was generated from.

    It would not hurt to give the logfile the above format at creation and need not be smtracedefault.log at first then only rename it when it is being rolled over.