smtracedefault.log Time Based rollover should allow setting in minutes.

Idea created by SungHoon_Kim Employee on Mar 3, 2016
    Not planned
    • Ankush
    • SamatBoA
    • SungHoon_Kim

    Currently the Profiler setting only has the following option.



    [x] When the server is restarted

    [x] When Trace logfile reaches [10]MB

    [ ] Time Based

       ( ) Hourly Every [1] Hours

       ( ) Every 0 Days At [  ] (24 hour clock)

    Retain up to: [10] old Trace Logfile(s)



    With huge traffic, 1 Hour is too long.

    We need to be able to enable log rotation per minute.


    Yes, we can enable profiler and disable manually but if the tracing need to run over night and quickly grab the logs when an issue occurs, this setting can allow customer to collect the last 20 minutes of logs(for example).

    When smtracedefault.log grows 2GB per 5 minutes, an hour can mean 24GB per file.

    Per minute, it would be 400MB per file.