Export of the Work Flow audit record

Idea created by yoneda on Mar 14, 2016

    Hi CA Product Management Team,


    I request you to consider to enhance product reporting functionality about approval/reject history of work flow.

    We are now working with CA Services to implement approval workflow to AddToGroupEvent and RemoveFromGroupEvent.

    The report must contain:

    - Who requested it

    - Which is the group requested/approved

    - When it was requested

    - Who approved/rejected the request

    - When it was approved/rejected


    I hope to implement this function to be response to external audit.

    I know implementation of function is very difficult and take a long term.

    Actually our project will be service in April first, then report is needed by end of April.


    Request/Approval has been saved to the "View Submitted Tasks".

    Therefore, I strongly request you to consider to provide a quick solution like as export service(View Submitted Tasks).


    Thank you.