UIM: get interface information for servers (without SNMP)

Idea created by frank.daeter1.1 Champion on Mar 15, 2016

    In UIM  Web GUI the interface tab is empty for Windows and nonWindows servers.

    Interfaces information is collected by SNMP or Netflow. Network information is available for Windows by the NtPerf probe (can be used to get information about the interfaces).

    Customers want to see the interfaces of the managed servers in UIM in an easy way for Windows and Non-Windows servers collected via the UIM probes (without the use of SNMP).


    But some systems are have interfaces info (in tab ‘Interfaces) without SNMP running on that system. See for example the UIM server itself (linux VM):

    Feedback from CA:

    I ‘ve seen something similar but it was only temporary with me.

    I think a newly installed robot produced data in the interfaces tab and then after a period of time, it disappeared.

    If the three columns find no data, then it is supposed to blank it all out…..maybe this is delayed with the odd host.

    I couldn’t explain it either and you are right to only expect data in there if sourced from the SNMPcollector.


    It would be nice if it's possible to specify/configure the tab 'Interfaces' with metrics from other probes (not only the SNMPcollector as current situation).