Do not require non-admin users to have Configuration rights to modify searches

Idea created by ScottB Employee on Mar 17, 2016
    Not planned
    • ScottB

    We have groups of users in different roles, that should not have any configuration rights. We want them to have the ability to create/modify searches and see the fields we give them rights to. We found that unless you give them rights to a Role such as Delete, or Modify, they are not able to Move or Delete fields they have added to a Search. The searches are locked down to modification unless you have those configuration rights which allows you to modify the full application layout. The enhancement request is to not restrict the ability of users to move, delete fields in the search or give ability for the admin to grant rights to modify searches specifically. The ability that was in UAPM 11.3.x is a preferred method. All user can create/modify their own searches. Now in 14, if a user adds a field by mistake or wants to change the order of the fields, the system admin needs to get involved to modify the report.