USS - SDM Make ticket actions customisable

Idea created by AndriesJNel on Mar 19, 2016
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    Hi All,


    We have a business requirement to change the actions/features of the "Reopen Incident" and "Close incident" button on the USS portal when viewing SDM incidents. Screenshots attached for reference.


    Currently the "Reopen" Incident button works on all tickets irrespective of how old the ticket is, we want to limit this button's availability only to the duration that the call is in Resolved status before the auto closure takes place. Once the ticket is "Closed" we want the button to be inactive as users have already missed their window to reopen the call after it was resolved.


    The same applies for the "Close Incident" button. This button currently puts the ticket directly into "Closed" status and bypasses our defined status transitions in SDM. Our business rule is to have all tickets be Resolved where they sit for a defined number of days before auto closing if the user is happy with the resolution.


    We believe this idea will benefit every customers/user of USS/Catalog and we would like the ability to customise or edit the function of these two buttons.