Service Desk Mobile Enhancements

Idea created by ssonderman on Mar 25, 2016

    My organization is in the process of upgrading to CA Service Desk Manager 14.1.02.  We found some issues and lack of functionality with the mobile application and would like to offer some suggestions on future enhancements:


    • Currently unable to add fields to the read only view for Incidents, Requests, Problems, and Change Orders.  The Administration tool within SDM allows the addition of fields to the “Edit” view, however, in order to see the additional fields such as custom fields, Scheduled Start Date, Duration, etc... you have to Edit the record first.
    • Currently there is no support for custom roles, only out of the box roles will work for the application.  Allow the ability for custom roles to function.
    • Request/Incident/Problem
      • Currently transition requirements (required fields when a certain status is selected) are ignored and the application allows an Incident, Request, Change, or Problem record to be resolved/closed without all the required fields completed (i.e., Assignee, Group, Area, Configuration Item, etc...).
      • Make the application adhere to the same transition requirements.
    • Change Order Tasks
      • Currently the read only view is limited (unable to see pertinent information such as Scheduled Start Date and Duration) and the read only view of the change order within the Task Approval module also does not show the Schedule Start Date and Duration.  A task approver would have to exit from the Task Approval function, go into the Change Order function, then search for the Change Order and edit it just to see when it’s scheduled.
      • Provide the ability to add additional fields to the read only view for task.
    • Change Orders
      • Currently in the mobile application the Priority can be manually updated by the Assignee (even after approval).  Assignees may transfer the change order to another caregiver, disrupting workflow tasks.  Assignees may update the status manually bypassing the workflow (i.e., approve change orders, set back to RFC, close change orders, etc…) and transition requirements are ignored.
      • As with Requests/Incidents/Problems, make the mobile application adhere to the same requirements and restrictions.
    • There are no Administration tools that would allow us to modify the application configuration in order to restrict certain functions from being available in the mobile application (i.e., Status updates, Escalation/Priority updates, making fields required upon closure, etc…).  An enhancement to add more administrative functions would be beneficial, making the mobile application more useful.


    Thank you.