GovernanceMinder Campaign view for Enterprise Campign and Application Specific Campaign

Idea created by Tusharkant on Mar 29, 2016

    Current Governance Minder Campaign view provides an Enterprise wide access campaign structure. Where Users will be provided access as Roles which in turn provide access to various application in the organization.


    But Audit requirements are now pretty complex where, they ask to certify each and every access the user has in the application. (Deep-model not shallow model).

    Now with this requirement each application will have their own role and Resources. Displaying all Role in one section and Resources in application section does not fulfill the requirement.


    I would rather say all application Roles and Resources should be under one category. rather splitting role and Resources for a single application.

    It could be design change for the UI but I believe this would be a good view to show Role/Resources of a single application.