Ticket Status and Service Types

Idea created by frank.earnhardt on Mar 31, 2016
    Not planned

    We had situation where upper management wanted to eliminate one of our pending status by setting to 'Inactive'.

    Our process is to implement via GUI on development and promote via pdm_load to QA and PROD.


    Oddly, everything without error and status was set inactive.


    After the fact, it was determined the tickets with old status, had Service Types that would never expire.

    After opening case with 'CA', it was determined that system responded inconsistently.


    If Status is set inactive via pdm_load, the system will not reset Service Type timer even when setting to status without 'pending SLA' like 'Work In Progress'.

    However, if status is set to 'Resolved', system will cancel attached Service Types.



    This is inconsistent.



    Please update application so that system will recover from inactive status by using transaction status to determine effect on Service Type.